Guided tours

Guided tours


Overview tour in The Botanical Garden

Fragnant and elegant plants from the Meditteranean coast (guide E. Braun)

Evergreen diversity (guide L. Buknienė)

The colors of Cornelian cherry (guide L. Buknienė)

Medicinial and culinary plants (guide E. Šeinauskienė)

Medicinial and culinary plants in the rockery and garden (guide E. Šeinauskienė)

Medicinial and culinary plants in ecological farms (guide E. Šeinauskienė)

The Berry diversity (guide V. Ašmonienė)

The simple hop and his extraordinary features (guide K. Obelevičius)

The history and legends of the Upper Freda Manor (guide E. Braun)

Kaunas Fortress heritage in the Kaunas botanical garden of VMU (guide E. Braun) 



Guided tours must be booked in advance.  No more than 25 people in a gouded tour.  Duration – up to one hour.

Guided tour in Lithuanian 15,00 Eur
Guided tour in English, German, Russian 25,00 Eur

Phone for booking: +370 613 21707 or e-mail